30 Days Pro Courses

Day 1- sanitation, tools knowledge, client understanding, building vanity, skin and skin analysis.

Day 2- CTM, CTM product and ingredient knowledge, Makeup products and ingredient knowledge (primer, color correctors & concealers)

Day 3 – Makeup products and ingredient knowledge (BB & CC creams, foundations, powders & blushers), Eye makeup anatomy.

Day 4 – Creative hand & stability exercises.

Day 5 – Skin prep & prime, color correction, concealing, basic foundation application, powder contour, blusher application, highlighter application and eyebrows (Powder).

Day 6 – PRACTICE (on each other/model ) –

Day 7 – Skin prep & prime, color correction, concealing, medium foundation application, highlighting & cream contour, blusher application and basic editorial eye. compact setting, highlighter application and eyebrows (gel product)

Day 8 – PRACTICE (on each other/model )

Day 9 – Demo with Pooja Bhandari – HD makeup application, intense smokey eyes, lipstick application, false lash application.

Day 10 – PRACTICE (on each other/model )

Day 11 – Eyemakeup : eye contour and HALO eye followed up with practice.

Day 12 – Colored smokey- followed up with practice

Day 13 – Demo with Pooja Bhandari – Full face matte look with baking, reverse cut crease eyes, lip contour with lipstick application, false lash application.

Day 14 – PRACTICE (on each other/model )

Day 15 – Eye-makeup : half cut crease with various glitter application glitter followed up with practice

Day 16 – Eye makeup : full cut crease with Arabic liner and under eye + creative eye makeup and smudged liner followed with practice

Day 17 – Creative eye makeup with winged liner and under eye followed by practice, Creative eye makeup with open liner followed by practice

Day 18 – Mature skin demo + Practice

Day 19 – Demo with Pooja Bhandari – Cocktail/ Sagan look with dewy skin, glam eye makeup, lipstick application, false lash application.

Day 20 – PORTFOLIO 1 on model Airbrush

Day 21 – Airbrush skin prep, Machine maintenance and Airbrush makeup demo + practice

Day 22 – Bridal demo by Pooja Bhandari with Airbrush

Day 23 – PORTFOLIO 2 on model HAIR

Day 24 – Sectioning & back combing, blow dry and Velcro roller demo, flat ironing + soft curls demo + practice

Day 25 – crimping, open hairstyle for reception and engagement look + practice

Day 26 – braids in different styles, textured ponytails +practice

Day 27 – sleek bridal low bun and side bun + practice

Day 28 – creative hairstyle , braided buns + practice DRAPING

Day 29 – Saree draping, lehenga draping (students carry the outfit and practice on each other )


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