Things a Bride Should Take Care Off While Styling Her Look

Everyone wants to see themselves in the most beautiful version on their wedding day. After all, it is your special day! However, looking radiant and picture-perfect on your special day is not a piece of work and requires some work and planning— to be honest, many months of work and planning.Therefore, to help you avoid any last-minute beauty fiascos, here are 5 things any bride must take care to ensure she looks like blushing, glowing, and beautiful when the big day arrives.

Select the blouse according to your body structure

Every woman has her own characteristic body shape and facial features. However, when it comes to choosing an outfit, it’s the neckline that makes all the difference. Find out which necklines will work like a magic wand on your body type and enhance the look of your outfit look of your outfit.

 Choose the right matha patti/teekaThe maang teeka

has become a statement bridal piece of jewellery that is taking the bridal fashion world by a storm. Here is a handy guide to choose the right mathapatti and teeka for each face type:

Square face – Opt for a one-sided mathapatti which will help you highlight the best features.

Round face – You can go for a narrow mathapatti or small teeka to balance the shape of your face.  You can also pair a heavy headgear with a choti.

Triangle face – A medium teeka in length or multi-layered headgear string based ornament is best-suited for people with triangle face.

Oblong face – A broad elaborate mathapatti is a perfect pick for someone with oblong to hide all that lengthy face. It is best to avoid any forehead ornament which has angular motifs.

Diamond – A person with diamond face-cut has the best cheekbones ever! Therefore, it is best to avoid broad ornaments as it can take the focus away.

Oval – Anything looks good on an oval face. The only thing to be avoided is to crowd your forehead.

Heart – Short/medium maang teekas with a dainty element of trinkets/dangles look best on a heart-shaped face. You can also go for mixed multilayer mathapattis.

Go for a ‘Nath’ that best suits your face structure

Out of all the jewellery pieces, if there’s an adornment that instantly uplifts the bridal look, it is none other than a ‘Nath’. Brides should choose nose rings that

best suits their face structure to give thatexquisite look to their personality. Here’s a handy guide on different types of nose ring that will enhance your D-day look.

Long face – The beaded hoops

Round face – Half hoops

Sharp nose – Nathini

Chiselled face – Segment rings

 Heart-shaped face – Large naths

Small face – Dainty studs

 Square face – Giant stone studs

Oval face – Embellished chains

Decide the weight of the wedding dupatta

So this one is something a lot of us don’t pay a lot of attention to. If the dupatta that comes with your lehenga originally is heavy, get a lighter one made for the head if you intend to take it that way- the heavy one will pull and tug your hair and make you miserable! The key to getting this right remains in choosing just the right fabric that is relatively lightweight & yet looks supremely stunning. You can go for dupattas made in net, chiffon, or georgette.

The wedding is the most important date in anyone’s life. Which is why you must follow the tips given above to ensure everything is perfect in your bridal look!Want to book a beauty pro for your wedding? Right here

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